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Jquery Datepicker – Cant change date format

I’m using jquery datepicker version 1.4. I want to change the format of the date. Now it’s (, I want to change it to (dd-mm-yyyy). I tried:
$(‘.datepicker’).datepicker({ format: ‘dd-mm-yyyy’ });

It did not work. 🙁


You can use add/remove methods for that.
format: “dd-mm-yyyy”
}).datepicker(‘remove’, ‘format’); //remove the format
format: “dd-mm-yyyy”

Justine, That’s a lot of work – I say don’t bother with the frame. You can put the wood in an outdoor dust-free place for about 12 months. That’s about how long’real’ varnish takes to dry out, and its hard to say if you can even use it back in your room.

I think leaving the painted porch would be wiser.

I once watched my mother buy a dollar table top that looked halfway decent but was obviously stained badly and would take a TON of elbow grease to make nice. She just ignored the markings and called it antique.

However, those marks are an invitation to the vandals!

Some random suggestions:-The wood is very thick (i.e. it looks thicker than it actually is) and is already weatherproof. So you could just seal it with a coat of semi-gloss paint and be done-An all white frame wouldnt look good-A black frame might-Actually, a black frame would be nice-You could also try to find a different wood and give it to someone to do the refinishing for you, since it already needs it

I would go ahead with refinishing if you want it to have a classic, yet elegant vibe to it. The black frame will match most other surfaces.

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Creating seperate projects for multiple projects-ant, eclipse

Hi I have a task which is to create a prototype environment for a large project.
This prototype environment should contain various projects, which can be separated into several projects because it will contain several user projects, bug fixes etc.
My question is the proper way to achieve this in a larger project with a team.
For example I should have 3 projects:

User environment project (Project A)
Main project (Project B)
Bug fix

How do I correctly achieve this with the best design and the lowest overhead.
How can I use Eclipse for the different “projectes”?


Separate projects and/or folders within one project are a tool you may use to achieve best quality and separation of your project as well as making it easy to handle your resources. You could think of creating a project for each individual user and then simply build a central’main’ project that depends on those ‘user’ projects.
I prefer this way of structuring projects as it allows you to keep the user projects separable from the main project, so that even if you had to make any changes the changes can be made independently and easily.
Hope this helps.

Gwen Stacy Says Lucy Webb Will “See The World” (Spoiler)

According to Gwen Stacy’s appearance on the Ralph text he’ll meet his mother, Lucy Webb, and it sounds like he’ll be taking her out of the house:

I think I have all the powers together.

Well, except for the one that would allow me to punch a hole in time and space with my bare hands. Don’t worry, he doesn’t seem to have that, either. But maybe it’s something else?


I’ll see her. She’ll see the world

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