New Headway Upper Intermediate 4th Edition Teachers Book 14

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New Headway Upper Intermediate 4th Edition Teachers Book 14

New Headway Upper-Intermediate – Teacher’s Book PDF . Headway – Book for beginning students PDF. New Headway Elementary School Textbook, 4th edition. Download or read online English textbook, author – new headway -.
Textbooks: New Headway Elementary Textbook, Workbook, Teacher’s book, Audio, Tests.
New Headway Elementary: Student’s Book.
Free download New Headway Elementary: Student’s Book.
Download textbook, manual, guide to the English language.
English textbook – English textbook New.
Liz and John Soars.
Year of issue: 2. 00.
Author: New Headway.
Genre: Textbook.

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converting a string to bits in c++

I want to perform a simple bitwise operation using string.

I know about str2bits(), but this will work only for string with length no.Of bits.
For example
‘00101100’ converts to 27 bits only
‘10101000’ converts to 27 bits only
‘10101100’ converts to 27 bits only
but for the following string it gives error as out of bits:
‘10000001’ not in range [0, 2147483647]

My code:
string str=”10000001″;
long x=str2bits(str);
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