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NiceChart Cracked Version Source Code:
unit NiceChart;
Windows, Classes, Graphics, Controls;
TNiceSeries = class(TObject)
var MyPoints: array of Double;
constructor Create(X,Y: Double);
TChartLegend = class(TObject)
XAlign: Boolean;
YAlign: Boolean;
Width: Double;
Height: Double;
TChartTitle = class(TObject)
Text: string;
TNiceChart = class(TCustomChart)
FLegend: TChartLegend;
FTitle: TChartTitle;
FGraphStyles: Boolean;
FShowLegend: Boolean;
FShowTitle: Boolean;
FShowValue: Boolean;
FShowCross: Boolean;
FRealAxisX: Double;
FRealAxisY: Double;
FValueAxisX: Double;
FValueAxisY: Double;
FLineStyles: Boolean;
FBSplineStyles: Boolean;
FHexColor: TColor;
F32Color: TColor;
FForcedCross: Boolean;
Constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent);
//Whether the graph shows legend and title
FHexColor: TColor;
FForcedCross: Boolean;
//Whether the graph shows values
FValueAxisX: Double;
FValueAxisY: Double;

function GetLegendPosition(AX,AY: Double): LongInt;
function GetTitlePosition(AX,AY: Double): LongInt;

function GetLegendPosition(AX,AY: Double): LongInt;
function GetTitlePosition(AX,AY: Double): LongInt;


TOneSeriesMouseClick(Sender: TObject): Boolean;

if PointsCount 0 then

NiceChart Free License Key

I hope that you will find my small project useful.

So I’m no greek but I promise I can write a decent documemtation ūüėõ

There is no design (yet). You can download the source code from

As I said there isn’t a design yet, so If you want to design a design you have to use Windows Forms. I can give you a permission to use my current Windows Forms controls for this. So if you want to add a new chart type or a new brush you can use the current Windows Forms controls without any problem.

If you like the project you can donate to continue its development.

Thank you.

PS: Cracked NiceChart With Keygen is cross-plaform component, so you could use it on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X without any problems.

PS: NiceChart is cross-plaform component, so you could use it on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X without any problems.

So this is no cross-platform component but only one Windows Form component and the rest of the system is client-side. I will remove all Windows stuff, including AppMonitor (which I need for some other controls) and use Adobe AS3 APIs and FlashX to implement it. In this way it is a hybrid component that runs in Mac OS X and Windows and not an embed component.

I do understand your point about cross-platform but I don’t think that this is possible to implement in a cross-platform GUI toolkit. How often do you change the appearance of a chart depending on what operating system the client is running? Or when you need to compile it for Windows only without any platform dependent compilation.

Now I don’t think that I will remove the cross-platform usage but I will try to make it more a platform-independent component. In this way you could generate a Windows Chart with the same design you see on your Mac.

A second reason is performance: For our embedded software we need a very fast chart engine. The current version is implemented with pure Delphi controls and no cross-platform API and is working as it should but if I could implement it with a cross-platform library it would be faster.

A third reason: I have to replace the Windows Form controls with CrossPlatform controls. If I don’t remove them and

NiceChart Download

Chart Widget which encapsulates an image of a Delphi chart. Provides fast access to the chart data and to the ability of drawing charts into a bitmap image.
GNU General Public License version 2 or later

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E. Newman and R. Penrose, J. Math. Phys. [**3**]{}, 566 (1962).

P. D. Munshi, G. B. Cook, and E. E. Flanagan, Phys. Rev. D [**65**]{}, 104006 (2002).

E. E. Flanagan and S. A. Hughes

What’s New in the?

NiceChart is a very simple chart component for Delphi to help you make simple charts. It’s written in Delphi 2007, but is compatible with other Delphi versions (at least up to Delphi 2010).
NiceChart makes it possible to create a 2-dimensional line chart,
from XY series points that can be created using regular
function XY(const X, Y: Integer): Double; property of a Tseries or TPoint.
And series points can be added to the chart using
nicechart.AddXYSeries method.
It also makes it possible to add a legend to a chart.
There’s no need for code to do the legend manually.
Just add a TChartLegend component to the chart, and point it
using a nicechart.LegendPos property.
nicechart.AddXYSeries makes it possible to add multiple lines to a chart,
and nicechart.AddXYSeriesToChart makes it possible to add multiple
lines to a chart in a single call. This method is more efficient than calling
nicechart.AddXYSeries multiple times.
There’s no need for additional code to assign ordinal numbers to a
nicechart.AddXYSeriesToChart will take care of this for you,
and actually will make it possible to add XY series with ordinal numbers.
Nicechart supports various graph styles, including lines, smooth lines
with B-splines, and bars. There’s also monochrome (black and white) version
of charts. You can control the colour and shape of series points using
custom brushes, which are created using a style class.
Where Can I Download It?
Download it from the following link:

How To Install?
You can get source code for NiceChart here:

and you should uncompress it to a folder (e.g. the delphi\source\v1.0 folder),
add this folder to project list, and then call the nicechart.dpr file from the project’s output folder.
Where to get help?
You can get help online here:

System Requirements For NiceChart:

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Playstation 2 are supported.
Can be turned on and off from the main menu
100% procedural audio (no FMOD/XAudio)
Over 140 single-player challenges spread across all 3 locations.
Over 200 multiplayer challenges
7 multiplayer modes
Over 30 multiplayer maps
7 objective types
3 difficulty levels
3 time periods