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The problem is that you are trying to do string concatenation to create a single String object. The result of this:
modelName + ” ” + modelYear + ” ” + modelColor + ” ” + modelSize + ” ” + modelManufacturer + ” ” + modelDisplayName + ”

is simply one large string that is appended to another.
Instead, you should do something like this:
modelName.get(0) + ” ” + modelYear.get(0) + ” ” + modelColor.get(0) + ” ” + modelSize.get(0) + ” ” + modelManufacturer.get(0) + ” ” + modelDisplayName.get(0) + ”

As an aside, to avoid needing to use.get(0) each time, I’d recommend using StringBuilder:
StringBuilder modelName = new StringBuilder();
modelYear = new StringBuilder();
// etc

And when finished, just call.toString() to produce the single string you want.
(Of course, if you know for a fact that the data will always be numeric, you can just skip the conversion and just add your strings together directly)


Have to “Close” the console before entering code on eclipse

Before code is entered on eclipse, I have to press exit button in console like the picture below. However, I don’t know why eclipse do this work, and I want to prevent it.
Anyone knows a way to prevent this from happening?


In the eclipse menu, select the preferences, in the installed software tab, in the General category there is an option to allow the Console to be displayed on launch


From eclipse.ini, you can set the option

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