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Roblox is a free building game in which users can create their own games and play them online with friends.
Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel on August 22, 2004. Their vision for Roblox was to create an online game platform where people could create games and play them with friends. Roblox has been compared to sites such as Myspace and DeviantART in that it provides a platform where users can play other people’s games and build games with a collection of pre-made blocks. At its core, Roblox is a platform for the development and playing of computer games.
Roblox is a free game that users can download from the web or from their mobile device using Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio is a free piece of software that runs as a web application on a web browser and allows users to create and run their own games. The player first creates a free account and designates a username and password. Roblox Studio offers three different game engines: Builders, Players, and Game Masters. Builders are participants in Roblox, who build virtual worlds, activities, games, and other things for people to explore. Players are the participants who play these games created by other people. Game Masters are the developers who create the content in Roblox. Games created by players are embedded in Builders’ games.
After the player creates an account and goes through the first two levels of training in Roblox Studio, the player can start creating his or her own games. Once a game is created, the player can invite friends to play. Roblox gives players access to various pieces of virtual property, or objects, that they can use to build games and places where they can play those games. The player can move these objects around using a mouse or by using a special on-screen cursor to create game spaces with many different items. Players can place their Robux virtual currency into their Robux wallet. They then have the ability to use these points to buy new items for their games.
Roblox employs game developers, known as Game Masters, to create new games. Game Masters can create content for Roblox themselves or they can use templates to create a game. They can view and edit the code that is stored in the game’s editor. When Game Masters create games, Roblox automatically generates revenue from these games. These games can be accessed by players in Roblox, which


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Coucou tout le monde!
Welcome to the PC Games Repository. This is an encyclopedia of games on PC platforms (PC/Linux, Mac, Windows, Playstation, XBox, Nintendo, Dreamcast, etc.). For each game, you will find information about its platforms, graphics, genres, plot, and release year.

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With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm on the 19th of December, Blizzard Entertainment has taken the role as the top selling PC game at the moment. It is not only the fastest selling release of the company, but also the biggest entertainment product to date. The main feature of the expansion is the addition of a new class named Cataclysm, as well as 10 new levels. The Cataclysm zone is ruled by the Wild. Also, the level cap has increased from 50 to 70.

The process of leveling up your character in Cataclysm is a long and tedious one. You still play through the same zones as in the previous expansion. In addition to this, Blizzard has introduced the world of Ragnaros which comprises the new zone of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Ragnaros, the Burning Hells, is a huge volcanic edifice, which was created by the demonic lord, Ragnaros, who has now returned from the dead.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is a necessity for those who are playing World of Warcraft right now. The expansion is free for all the players, with the exception of the subscription fee. In other words, you can play the game without buying the DVD.

Over the last few years, Cataclysm has become the largest entertainment product to ever hit the internet. It is the fastest selling game of all time. The process of buying the game started on the first day of sale, when the servers began to take long time to load the game. This made people impatient to play the game, thus pushing up the buying rate of the game. When people started taking the time to give the game a try,


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Roblox is about being creative and having fun. For some of us, it’s about being cruel and evil to others. And in some of us, it’s about becoming a star that inspires others. But whatever is your preferred way of playing, it’s always great to be creative and inspiring – with one very important caveat. In order to get there, some of us have to cheat. In this collection of cheat codes and tips, we’re going to teach you how to cheat and make money on Roblox – if you are good enough and very determined. It’s just one word: ROBUX.

If you are new to Roblox or are craving for more tips, cheats and tricks, read our short guide first.


Roblox is a game where everyone is welcome. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can still play Roblox. No registration, no sign up and no purchase. They call it Open Platform Platform because you can build your own virtual world called ROBLOX. This virtual world is about creating fun. It’s about expression. It’s about collaboration. And it’s about entertainment. That’s why it is also called the most fun community platform to play with your friends. If you ever forget why they built Roblox in the first place, watch this short video and remember.

Players are given points which they can use to buy things in the game, or use to level up. Robux is the in-game currency.

Robux is the currency in Roblox

The major problem players face when trying to buy Robux is that it’s not a lot of them. The incentive to buy Robux with real money is minimal. It’s not enough to make people do it. Robux is also limited to a certain amount. You can receive a million Robux from your birthday, but that’s it. After that, you have to buy it back. So it is no wonder why the price is so high. And if you want to buy Robux by hacking, you can easily make hundreds of thousands.


There are basically two types of cheats you can use to get more Robux on Roblox. The first method is to hack your account. We talked about that briefly in our


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