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Is there any alternative to p4 rename [-oldname] [-newname] for Mercurial repository?

I have working environment of an existing Mercurial repository that uses Hudson as a CI platform. This repository currently has 2 branches in it: master and beta

When I am on the master branch, I am calling p4 rename [-oldname] [-newname] to rename files.
I want to add another branch in my development environment. I have called a new branch from old branch using command:
hg branch -b beta

Then added a folder for this beta branch into this new folder. Now I want to rename this beta folder from old folder name to new folder name.
If I am on master branch, I will execute:
p4 rename -oldname=old-folder name -newname=new-folder name

But when I am on beta branch, I want to rename the folder to new folder name and not the old name. Is there any way to handle this scenario with hg?


There is nothing in hg (as of 2012) to do this. The closest is hg rename.

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