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The aim of this study was to assess the usefulness of the concept of planning target volume (PTV) to treat tumors of head and neck area with intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). Seventeen patients with head and neck cancer were treated using intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). Target volumes were generated on imaging data sets, based on the anatomical topography and course of the tumor using a computer algorithm. The PTV comprised of gross tumor volume (GTV) and an expanded margin of 0.5 cm or 0.7 cm for lymph nodes, based on an imaging-based concept of the local extension of the tumor. All patients were treated using a two-phase IMRT concept. The PTV was contoured for all patients by an expert on-site. To evaluate the clinical usefulness, the delivered dose distribution within the PTV was compared with the calculated dose distribution. In all patients, the PTV concept was able to adequately define the target volume. The target volumes were significantly larger than GTV and were also extended. Dose sparing of normal tissues could be achieved on the basis of the defined target volume concept. Compared to standard dose distribution, normal tissue sparing was better realized using the PTV concept. Therefore, the PTV concept was useful for defining, respecting and avoiding the critical tissues. The PTV concept represents a significant improvement over conventional concepts of target volume for the treatment of head and neck tumors with IMRT.Q:

Can a Rails form submit the data to the db and insert it if not there?

Can a rails form submit the data to the db and insert it if not there?
For example, user is not logged in. I want to get all the data and insert it into the db.


Some possible solutions…

Use a rake task that calls your method that inserts the data in the background
Look at a library like Pusher for a realtime

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Gigabyte has kept its focus on this market since the introduction of the 990FX-A back in April. The 990FX-A offered the same 6/8-pin power connectors as the X58-A as well as a few new features. But it wasn’t until the 990FX-E was introduced that it really became apparent that this market was ripe for innovation.

Gigabyte 990FX-E

The 990FX-E is only offered in a black PCB, and that PCB is designed to cater to those that want the most features for the least money. Gigabyte is bringing the overclocking support and much, much more to the sub-$300 market. Let’s take a quick look at the main features of the 990FX-E.

Main Features

The biggest feature of the board is obviously the overclocking support. Gigabyte has fitted seven of the eight available CPU pins to connect the CPU to the motherboard. So, you can overclock any of the Intel Socket 1155 chips easily.

In addition, if you’re happy with a lower CPU power limit, the board supports 1.33V for the Pentium 4 and Pentium D chips. This is much lower than the 1.50V otherwise supported.

As for the video side of things, the 990FX-E comes with the VGA outputs, HDMI and DVI outputs. These are all dual-link DVI and HDMI with support for up to 1920×1200 resolution. As well as having dual video inputs, it also comes with two audio jacks. The first is a standard stereo jack, and the second is a standard line-out jack.

Storage connectivity on the board also gets the treatment you’d expect. The board supports two SATA ports, two Serial ATA ports and one FireWire port. The board can also handle USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and two USB 2.0 ports.

Other Features

So, what else is there on the board? Firstly, there’s the six SATA and eSATA ports. The majority of

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We have investigated the effect of various concentrations of diphenyl diselenide and selenomethionine on rat neutrophil oxidative burst. In vivo studies with diphenyl diselenide revealed a significant decrease (41%) in the number of reactive cells after a single intravenous injection (15 mg/kg). In vitro studies with diphenyl diselenide, Se-methylselenoalanine and Se-methylselenocysteine showed that only diphenyl diselenide and Se-methylselenoalanine exhibited antioxidant activity and a dose-dependent inhibition of the neutrophil oxidative burst. Sodium selenite was also included in the study since previous findings suggested that this compound would protect against the deleterious effects of exercise on the immune system. This study revealed that sodium selenite also caused an inhibition of the neutrophil oxidative burst. The finding that diphenyl diselenide and Se-methylselenoalanine possess the same biological activity, but Se-methylselenocysteine did not, supports the hypothesis that the phenyl group and its ortho-substitution is essential for the antioxidant activity of the molecule. In contrast to sodium selenite, diphenyl diselenide and Se-methylselenoalanine were devoid of pro-oxidant activity.The Orlando Magic’s tanking process is starting to gain steam, as the team has dealt talented young talent to set themselves up for success next season.

Orlando Magic point guard Elfrid Payton has been a very good player over the past several seasons, and as long as he’s healthy, the team can only do so much for him. As a result, the Magic can only get so far with the player whom they’ve heavily invested in over the past four years.

Per ESPN’s Bobby Marks, the Orlando Magic have dealt three first-round picks, a second-round pick, and a third-rounder to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for De’Aaron Fox.

Fox is a versatile point guard at 6’2″, with great athleticism and a great feel for the game. He

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