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In PHP, you need to convert each line into a string and then check it against the $file contents.
You could do this:
$lines = file($file);
foreach($lines as $line){
return true;

This solution assumes that the line starts with “solucionarioquimicaorganicamcmurry5taedicion”.
If it does not, you may want to split the string at the first occurrence of the string and loop through each group.

6. Statement by the Vice-President

We may have different views on many issues, but one thing all Members of the European Parliament share is this Parliament’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and to protecting the human rights of all people in the world.

As Members of the European Parliament, we wish to express our deep concern over the alarming situation in Sri Lanka, including its serious human rights violations. Recent developments in Sri Lanka have created genuine fear and alarm in the international community. We call upon the President of Sri Lanka to show his commitment to the democratic process by declaring a moratorium on the arrest and detention of any leader of any political party or of civil society. We urge the Sri Lankan government to fully cooperate with the investigating authorities of the United Nations Secretary-General, UNMIL, as well as with the United Nations Human Rights Council.

We are also deeply saddened by the death of human rights activists and trade unionists who have done so much to highlight the ongoing human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

Finally, we urge the European Union to continue to closely monitor the implementation of the mandate of the UNMIL, to encourage all parties to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict and to prepare the groundwork for a constructive dialogue between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil civilian community.

7. Adjournment of the debate

To adopt the resolution, we agreed to a decision of the House that the draft resolution be referred back to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy.

10. Disclosure of Motions of Dissent

1: European Union–India (Correa, Rosa BULLER)

2: Morocco

3: France

I’m using the default Java 8 version on Linux Mint 19. I used the following command to uninstall all the Java plugin.
sudo dpkg -r oracle-java8-installer

I have installed OpenJDK 8 and have not any java 7 or 8 java plugin. It worked on my machine before.


Go to Software & Updates -> Other Software -> Ubuntu Software
If you still have 7.0.0, uninstall it. The plugin is already included in the browser.


How to get preselected values from a dropdown in html?

I have a select list with 3 values in it and I need to get the selected value using python.
I’m using Flask-WTF and I can’t access the form data to save the selected value. How can I get the pre-selected value with javascript?
Specialist Care
High Level Care

I want to get the selected value in python so I can save it to a database.


You can’t get the pre-selected value because the value attribute is only for user defined values (you have both user defined and pre-selected values).
However, what you can do is use document.getElementById to fetch the value of the selected element:

var myVar;

function onChange() {

if (document.getElementById(“Category”)) {
myVar = document.getElementById(“Category”).value;

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