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BitTorrent Sync lets you easily share files, folders, and even access your stuff anywhere, even if you don´t have internet. Now you can sync files in a more professional way. For your BitTorrent Sync is launching an Open Beta on the Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android platforms. Join now and experience the many advantages of this new service.

The BitTorrent Sync beta is also adding basic search capabilities, similar to what you can do with Dropbox (and Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, and Box), as well as some nice additional features. You can now search your Sync files using text and you can sort your results by name or file size.

Full Changelog: * Switch to * Add basic search capabilities * Add search results page * Add search results sorting capabilities * Add search results filtering capabilities * Add search results icon * Add keyboard shortcuts * Add ability to use hardware buttons to skip and go back * Add ability to clear search and go back (e.g. to use as favorites bar) * Add ability to search for specific file extensions * Add ability to mark search results as favorites * Add ability to mark favorite files * Add basic file browser * Add ability to copy/move/download file * Add ability to copy/move/download folder * Add ability to copy/move/download folder to my own folder * Add ability to rename files Audio.Codec.MediaPlayer.11.1.1.duran. Tone2 Varsi/Pdip3.X. Tone2 Electrax Vsti crack 93golkesl.
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