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Modification information.
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Developer: GSC Game World.
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl – Game of the Year Edition Released: 2011 Genre: Action (Shooter) Developer: GSC Game World Publisher: GSC World Publishing Website


I found a solution.
I downloaded and used Nircmd to redirect to the URL.
We didn’t manage to use HTTP Redirect in wget so i used “nircmd”.
Let’s say you want to download this file you just have to use the command :
nircmd http -S
After that, you have to run wget.
wget -P Downloads

A Cessna Citation aircraft is pictured over a city in North Dakota

In Cessna’s defence, the company was being stitched up by the Department of Justice.

It had been accused of deliberately flying unsafely near the airport to avoid being detected by the police.

Then the pilots sold their shares, and the company’s value plummeted and the government’s fraud claim became worthless.

And the real crooks…

…are the lawyers who advised on the spurious claims.

These include William Parker, who was called the ‘poodle king’ of the aviation industry after his role in some of the biggest scandals in the history of the US aviation industry.

He has been charged by the Department of Justice with cheating the government out of $1.25 billion in refunded landing fees and fined $1 million for his role in the Cessna case.

Parker’s fellow fraudsters included John Greer and Alan Spital, who both agreed to plea deals, along with two other men who admitted that they were in on the scam.

Today’s map of those who aided and abetted this fraud on the US government is headed by Steven Mofidi, a Louisiana lawyer who has received a six-year sentence.

In return for his help in the scam, Mofidi was offered a 15-year sentence. But with ‘good behaviour’ he could have been out in just a few years.

The case began with a fleet of Cessnas arriving at Denver airport on 2 January. The pilots flew at dangerously low levels above the ground, knowing that the police patrols had switched off their radar. The aircraft would fly at altitudes of less than 500 feet, creating a risk of collisions, the authorities said.

Prosecutors said the pilots were then paid a further $700 to fly over the city as a cover story for the theft

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