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Category:1985 films
Category:Indian films
Category:Tamil films scored by IlaiyaraajaHanoi Traffic Jam: Diesel Truck Hike Causes Deadly Accidents

Nov 01, 2017

Hanoi Traffic Jam: Diesel Truck Hike Causes Deadly Accidents

Traffic in the capital of Vietnam was brought to a halt on Friday as a long queue of trucks and petrol-pumpers pressed into the city’s main intersection. According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport, heavy traffic jams on Friday caused three fatal accidents.

One truck got caught in the traffic jam, causing an accident where a car slammed into it. The two occupants of the car died in the accident. Another bus got crushed by a 5-tonne truck, killing 13 passengers. The truck driver then left his vehicle and walked around the traffic jam.

The three accidents are part of a nationwide truck ban implemented in September that caused accidents involving trucks to spike by 70%. This ban was initially implemented to help congestion problem in Hanoi, but because of fuel shortages, the traffic ban has been extended nationwide until December.Sponsor this game

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The Kingdom of Arcadia is locked in a perpetual struggle against the Dark. In the early days of the war, the great spirit of Arcadia herself was cast down. All who defied her were imprisoned in the castle of Baradas, and the Dragonlords began to reign over the kingdom. They are a vile brood of creatures of dark power, able to shape-shift into many forms, and many of them chose to take on an aspect of Eleanna the Spirit: a huntress, a warrior, a leader, or a wizard. They are the foes of the Kingdom, and their bodies lie locked in Baradas.

By the grace of Eleanna the Spirit, there are still a few Dragonlords that do not serve the Dark. They dwell in the Shadow Realm, protected by the forces of Arcadia. Some have wandered far from Baradas and abandoned their Dragonlord forms; others have been driven mad, and have lost the will to fight. But there are a handful that still stand at the head of the armies of Arcadia. Some have retreated to the most remote heights of the land, where they struggle to withstand the Demons that feast

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